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God's Plan for Forgiveness

Forgiveness is a part of God's plan for you to experience freedom. That's why He sent His only begotten Son to die on the cross. Now, if you will just accept Him as your Savior, He will take the curse of the law of sin and death off of you so that you can receive God's free gift of forgiveness. When you put your trust in Jesus, you receive His new nature through the Holy Spirit. He was sent by the Father to empower you with His love, so you can love others. One of the first things He does is give you the ability to forgive those who have hurt you.

Prepare to Forgive

If you're not willing to forgive, then you're holding on to a grudge that's keeping you from receiving God's love. Forgive others, and you will have peace in your relationships. Forgive people, and you'll open yourself up to receive more of God in return.

Don't Hold On to the Past

Some people believe that they have a right to be angry with someone who has wronged them. It's like a debt that they want to collect. But collecting that debt will only lead to sorrow. But God is your avenger - not you. This doesn't mean you should pray for fire & brimstone against them, however - God calls us to bless even our enemies..

Don't Dwell on the Hurt

When you forgive, you are releasing the past, which is a lie, and receiving the present, which is the truth. So, you have to forgive, lest you continue to dwell on it.

Forgive for the Sake of Your Relationships

Because forgiveness builds relationships, it is a powerful tool for strengthening connections. People will misunderstand you and become defensive if they sense that you are holding a grudge. They will wonder, "What did he do to me? Why do I always have to defend myself against accusations that are not true?" If you are known to be forgiving, you might worry you'll be taken advantage of. The reality is, people will perceive you as trustworthy and someone they can open up to and be close with.


God asks you to forgive those who don't deserve it and those who continually wrong you. He wants you to forgive because He first forgave you. You will experience abundant life if you choose to forgive.

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